Our Services

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Most of our consultancy clients come to us needing strategic direction and clarity in their digital marketing objectives, planning and execution.

Our collective of specialist digital consultants has a breadth of experience in a wide range of B2B and B2C markets – travel, manufacturing, technical, telecoms, tech start-ups, financial services, building trade, retail, enterprise software, professional services, education, health, local government and charities.

We are the consultants of choice for your Digital Marketing Strategy, .........

Digital Marketing Training

We provide in-company digital marketing and social media training and work in our specialist areas day in, day out so you know you are getting the absolute latest best practice from practitioners with a proven track record in the industry.

Tailored to your sector and your current digital and social media challenges, we offer bespoke training days covering:

  • Facebook Marketing for eCommerce
  • Google AdWords for SMBs
  • Creativity Masterclass for Serious Businesses
  • Digital Public Relations and Organic Brand Building
  • Fundamentals of Effective Influencer Marketing
  • Content Marketing Fundamentals
  • Referral Marketing for Growth
  • Effective Email Marketing for B2B Businesses
  • Using Data to Optimize Ads Campaigns

Digital Public Relations

We’re experts in digital PR, and can increase your online presence by building strong relationships, gaining key media coverage & attracting natural links, referrals and mentions of your brand.
More media publications than ever are investing in their online platforms and digital news, due to the continued rise in digital content consumption. It’s essential brands look beyond standard print opportunities to ensure they are engaging with their target audiences.

Our digital PR has the added benefit of integrating with SEO, as a smarter link building service to improve organic visibility. These measurable, digital tactics provide our clients with tangible results and insight.

Influencer Marketing Management

Smart marketers focus on creating natural relationships with online trendsetters, no matter the size of their following. Look for agencies that:
Aren’t blinded by follower counts. Just because someone has a million followers doesn’t mean they’ll get you a million fans. Experienced teams know how to spot the right people to promote your product – whether that’s micro-influencers or a true celebrity.
Understand the needs of influencers. Many influencers make their living online. As excited as they may be to work with your brand, they also need to see how it benefits them. Partner with an agency that influencers like and will go the extra mile to help.
Get the brand balance right. Influencers have already put in the time to bond with their audience, so good influencer marketers don’t insist on total creative control. At the same time, influencer marketers should always be advocating for a relationship that serves the brand and the creator alike.

Book Publishing Consultancy

We are your best bet for everything book publishing. Our renowned publishing services cover Copy Editing, Proofreading, Full Book and Cover Design, Printing & Binding, Book Promotion & Marketing, Book Distribution, Online Bookshop, Print-on-Demand Publication, eBooks and Apps.